Pegs Off!

Pegs Off! was the first collaborative showcase from Three Pegs Productions for new writers, directors and artists. All previously un-produced, each of the four short plays examined the intimacies of human relationships, exploring the idea of the ‘hunter and the hunted’, and the spaces that exist between desire and obsession.

Pegs Off! took place on Wednesday 16th April 2014 at The Horse Hospital, London to a sold out audience. 

The plays: 

The Great White Hunter by Rachel Yelding

Directed by Sophie Larsmon

A huntsman's luck runs out when a mysterious woman adorned in fox catches his eye. 

Fish Kill by Rabiah Hussain

Directed by Susan Crothers

A married couple are forced to confront their failing relationship when their daughter's pet fish dies.

Upholstery by Beth Crane

Directed by Hannie McBride

An all consuming fetish threatens to take Reggie over the edge, and take his latest wife with him. 

Consumables by Matthew Kyne Baskott

Directed by O Nathapon

Two desperate and lonely men connect after a failed attempt to fulfil a dark and dangerous sexual fantasy. 

You can read the full event programme here for full details of our amazing cast and crew. 


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