Off Peg!

Our first ever show was a night of short drama and immersive interdisciplinary performance. We had an amazing time working with some great emerging talent so we want to do it again. Pegs Off! was an exciting mix of art forms that challenged the 'norms' of theatre - Off Peg! will do the same. 

Pegs Off! was about obsession and desire but this time our projects will be about love and longing in the city of London.  Written and directed by new and emerging talent these short shows will be an opportunity for creatives to experiment, practice and re-fine their skills. They will be a mix of immersive radio, film, theatre and performance. 


The concepts thus far: 

An Underground Affair by O Nathapon, directed by O Nathapon 

An ordinary middle-aged man travels alone through London. He looks at the couples that surround him wondering whether, if he'd been braver, he could have had a great love too?


A selection of photographs with audio. 

Strings by Healah Riazi, directed by Sophie Andrea Mitchell

Set within the brash setting of a Vauxhall drag club we see one young man trying to contain his inner grief and regret as he gets ready for a show.


A short film with a performance. 

Thaddeus and Me by Rachel Yelding

Corinne travels to London for a hot date but when she's stood up she takes solace in the sights of the city, and the affection of her friend's famously antisocial cat. 

An interactive film, media & social media experience. 

Past Tense by Ed Sellek 

When June is chased through Brixton by hipster barista April she is reluctant to give her the time of day but April explains that they have met, just for her they haven't met yet. 

An immersive theatre experience. 

There's This Girl by Laurence North, directed by Will Nash

Simon has his eye on a girl at work but will he be able to get over his awkwardness and win her over? 


Already completed this will be a preview screening with some surprises. 

#Off PegTheatre

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